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As a thought leader and innovator in higher education, the NYU School of Professional Studies develops groundbreaking programs in graduate and undergraduate education, as well as progressive career advancement courses and diploma programs that focus on professional development, job training, and innovation. The School's strong ties to industry provide a unique perspective that permeates throughout the teaching and learning experience it offers. To continuously progress, we understand the intrinsic value in providing forums for our colleagues in higher education; our partners in industry and government; and our alumni, faculty members, and students to debate and discuss pressing issues and new ideas.

Our first School-wide event of this kind "Industry Through the Lens of Education: Changing Perceptions of Careers and College Readiness," was a tremendous success in bringing people together to focus on the topics that matter most. This event, is one in a series that will be presented by the NYU School of Professional Studies over the coming months. We urge you to check back for information on upcoming events and to review the content and the thoughtful discussions that are generated through these initiatives. Join us at events, post your comments on our blogs, and become part of the ongoing dialogue.